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500 Drawing Prompts: Octopus

Next up, Octopus. This was really fun to work on.

500 Drawing Prompts octopus 500 Drawing Prompts octopus 500 Drawing Prompts octopus

500 Drawing Prompts: Acorn

Here we have a humble acorn. I tried using a bit of white chalk for highlights but it doesn’t work on this off-white cheap newsprint very well.

acorn detail

acorn page

500 Drawing Prompts Book: Here we go!

500 Drawing Prompts

I was looking for a sketchbook while I was at Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago. This little “sketchbook” called 500 Drawing Prompts caught my eye. It’s simply a bound book of low quality, almost newsprint style paper. Each page has one or several drawing ideas on the page, most of which are completely benign. Many are utterly banal. Take, for instance, the awe-inspiring prompt “puddle”. I put the book down and started to walk away.

500 Drawing Prompts: A Challenge of Banality?

Mid-stride, I rebounded backwards. I picked it back up. I flipped through it again. Well, can I even draw a puddle? What else am I going to draw, as a form of exercise? Will I choose “puddle” or “acorn”, or fall into my own familiar subject territory? No, I won’t go for familiar. I’ll draw a puddle, an acorn, a record player, an octopus, etc. Challenge accepted.

It’s going to be a marathon. Since I’m not doing quick line drawings, each one of these could take an hour or two. At that rate, this is going to me a project of many, many months! I’m sure I’ll be saving the most banal for last!

This is the book I’m using, called 500 Drawing Prompts. You can get it from Barnes & Noble by clicking the image: